Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Exposing the lies of false journalists

                                                The Watcher Of the Dawn exposed

There are times one must ask, "where am I going; why am I here; what purpose do I serve?" For those who aspire to a higher calling, one such as spiritual evolution it should be evident that we must move pass the fear and bickering to obtain higher modes of consciousness. Only then can we bring  clarity that provides the answers to life's riddles.

So what infantile, bone picking non-sense do we have to pollute the airwaves today?

An anonymous blogger has been stirring things up around the occult forums. He claims to be exposing the lies of occult leaders and holding them accountable for reasons unknown. But before we expose others we must be true to our own motives. Why am I writing these things? Am I a Good Samaritan, focusing on well being of society?  Maybe my unwavering sense of mortality gives me the motivation and determination to carry out my journaling. Every writer has their motives. So, what fuels the crusade of this once masked vigilante?

Well, the writer of The Watcher of The Dawn has revealed his motives and they are shockingly stranger than fiction. He openly admits his attacks on David Griffin, leader of the Aleph and Omega Temple were fueled by hate. Yes you read correctly. Hate has fueled his obsession all along. Now why would someone go through all this trouble? Why would anyone who claims to be an adept stoop so low; what has David Griffin done to this man?

Inriel Lux, creator of The Outer Order of The Golden Dawn Facebook group asked the same question, “Morgan why do you hate David so much; what has he done to you?”

This is what Morgan had to say: In my case, my hatred started the day he declared me a conspiracy member for only giving his book a three star book review. In my opinion, anyone unwilling to accept a three star book review, who insists on trying to discredit said book reviewer, deserves how ever much hatred he gets. (I could have understood it over an one star review...but three stars?!)

That’s right folks. This man has spent hours upon hours, days and months sitting in front of a computer, lashing out from the shadows all because someone made a negative comment about the way he rated their book.
You made me mad, so I will stalk you, and write endless crap to discredit and attack you. This is not higher consciousness; this is weakness and instability at best.
I have been part of the magical community for over 30 years and a lot has changed. When I joined my lodge there were strict rules that had to be followed, but one rule in particular. Let go of resentment and hate; these will hold you from any chance of real advancement or even take you down a path of devolution.

If I wrote a blog about everyone who made a negative remark about me I’d never leave my computer. Plus being a practitioner of the alchemical arts we are told that everything that happens in our life is projected from the inside, so after a while I’d feel kinda silly fighting with an aspect of myself, especially over something as silly and unimportant as a book review.

So this is how it ends; this where were headed; this who we are. Whiny babies, feuding over spilt milk, undeveloped practitioners of a once well-respected brand.

This is not the tradition, but a mockery of it. We’re repeating the same mistakes, reliving the same errors that burned the original Golden Dawn to rubble and ash.

In my humble opinion this system needs a bit of a tweak. There are too many people running around claiming grades they have no business claiming. Where are the results; why are the crazy acting loonier than ever?  God help us.


  1. And? Is it that all his reasons? I don't understand, maybe I skipped something!!

  2. The writers of Watcher of the Dawn are English. Eckstein doesn't need Watchers he pays out on Griffin plenty from his own blog. Also you sir, are a numpty for not knowing the above information.